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The National Health Care Bill Benefits You And All Americans

Universal Healthcare is being strongly considered in the United States. Providing and improving healthcare facilities to the population ranks amongst the topmost agenda for Governments. But, it is beginning to dawn on me exactly what this means an read more...

1 year ago

Why do the Amish have their Teeth Pulled Out?

Many people are shocked to learn that the Amish don't care much for the health and appearance of their teeth. There are a number of Amish reality shows that have introduced the concept of having a healthy set of teeth pulled out even at a relative read more...

1 year ago

Take Better Care Of Your Mouth With These Ideas

Oral hygiene is something you should think about every day. If you don't care for your teeth, you may spend a great deal of money and have a lot of pain. Use the information below to ensure you're practicing smart oral hygiene.

Avoid drinki

1 year ago

How to Get Free Dental Implants

2 years ago

Yearly dental X-rays raise brain tumor risk, study finds

(CBS News) Many patients who visit the dentist each year get an X-ray. A new study says yearly common dental X-rays may raise a person's risk for developing meningioma, the most common type of brain tumor found in Americans.

"This research

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Lanzamiento de Cerevance con Nueva Tecnología, Cartera de Fármacos y 36 Millones de USD en Efectivo para Combatir las Enfermedades Cerebrales

OSAKA, Jap

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3 methods To Get Over Your Fear Of The Dentist

So until concrete studies are available to either support or refute it, you might want to stay loyal to your regular toothbrush or electronic toothbrush.

However, there are some other cheaper and better ways to brighten your teeth and the b read more...